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X-AIR Spacer Bars

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X-AIR Spacer Bars are designed to be placed underneath your electrical device in order to aid with cooling. You can utilise them to create stackable audio video arrangements by using the spacers underneath each device.


Inside the packaging, you will find two aluminium spacer bars, and four Silicone friction pads. As electronic devices can be different sizes, we provide the pads so that you can affix at the most appropriate place.  The pads are self glued, which peel and stick to the underside of the spacers quite easily.


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    By stephanie plunkett on 6 Feb. 2014
    Verified Purchase – from Amazon

    Simple but effective product very pleased with it .
    Not too expensive so well worth buying .Fast efficient service well done .

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    They work exactly as I needed. Onkyo AVR’s have a reputation for being hot so it’s generally not advisable to store anything on top, let alone a games console.

    Great product!


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    They are working fine and I’ve had no problems at all. Have allowed me to have a much more sensible set up for my Blu-ray player and Humax box, which were radically different in shape, width and depth. I would certainly buy them again if I had a similar problem.


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    I can definitely notice a change in temperature with my Humax. The spacers appear to be working, and look neat under my Humax box. I would tell others how much of a difference this makes. Thanks.

    Clive, Wentworth

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    A friend told me about these. He said they seemed to keep his PS4 running cooler. I installed them about a week ago. I am sure they make a difference.


    Paul, London.

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    I tried it as the instructions said. It was good that the temperature was cooler on my XBOX 1.


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    By stevecrosson 12 March 2017
    Verified Purchase – from Amazon

    Well, what can I say. How can something so simple do the job and do it well.
    For a long time now I have had problems when playing games on my Xbox console, I would be playing certain games and all of a sudden the console would just shut down, initially I thought it was a faulty console so I returned it back to Microsoft. It came back repaired but the problem persisted. My thoughts at this stage was could it be over heating so I started to look for a possible solution. After searching I discovered these little babies, could something this simple really work. This product was not expensive so what had I got to lose, order placed and as always with Amazon delivery for me was next day. These spacers are what appears to be an aluminium extrusion that are powder coated in Black, they come with anti slip pads that you apply yourself. Really nice feel of quality to them. I am very happy to say that they have worked, Many months have now passed and not one shut down. When I look back now I should probably realised what the problem was, I wonder how many people have over heating problems with home entertainment products and do not realise that something as simple as this product can solve the problem. I would recommend this product to anyone especially when they have items stacked on top of each other such as audio equipment and games consoles.

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